Have you ever had a day that started out great but slowly progressed into insanity? Well for me, today was one of those days.

Today is my mother’s 61st birthday and I thought it would be a great idea to bring all three kids (without my husband) to her house to celebrate. First mistake. We woke up early and decided once we arrived, to walk down to the beach before it got too hot. Second mistake.

It was a really hot day today in Southern California, so probably not the best idea to bring an 8 year- old and 4 year- old twins on a long walk (we usually walk but today we went extra far.) Now during the walk it was still cool, and down by the Beach we caught a nice breeze.

Since we woke up early, the kids didn’t eat anything. Third mistake. Naturally, once we arrived near the marina they were hungry. We stopped at a coffee shop and had a snack, but they noticed the arcade and ice cream shop next to us, and wanted to go in. (Of course we picked the coffee shop next to these places, fourth mistake!)

The walk back home was long and the sun had come out, it was hot. We stopped under each tree with shade, and eventually made it back to my mom’s house. The kids took baths and had brunch. They relaxed on the couch and watched a movie. We ended up staying for a few more hours after this. They had so much fun with grandma that day, that I let them skip nap/rest time. Fifth mistake.

By the time we got home they were exhausted, we all were. It was also that weird time of the day where it’s too late for a nap but too early for bed.

Now I’ll fast forward to the worst part of the day. You know when you see something about to happen but your body won’t move quick enough to stop it? Well, I said “Let’s go brush your teeth,” to my four year- old son, and I see him slowly scoot off the bed. It was almost like a jump scoot where he was in the air, a bit off the bed for a moment. In that moment, he went up and sat down right onto my MacBook. Sixth mistake. I said ”Watch out for my computer!” But it was too late. It was like watching something terrible happen in slow motion.

I heard the crunch next. I couldn’t bear to look at it. I just started to tear up, (mama clearly needed a nap today too!) Now I could say this was my seventh mistake of the day, but I won’t.

I don’t often cry in front of my kids, but I did today. I think it’s good for them to see their mama is human too. It’s good for them to practice empathy and feel for others. All three kids looked at me in shock. Truly, I don’t think they knew what to do. They stood there in silence for a little while, then they spoke. They all said ”it’s okay mommy!” and gave me hugs. My son said ”I need to pay attention next time mommy.” Talk about some serious self- awareness! I love seeing my kids act like decent human beings, I love when they’re kind, I love that they are remorseful, I love that they genuinely care about others. That’s the important stuff. That’s the stuff that makes me remember no matter how many mistakes I make and no matter how rough the day gets, I’m a good mother and my kids will be alright.

Yes we all have days that suck, that are chaotic, that are stressful and hard. Those days are the really important ones to have though. Because those days are the ones that make us appreciate the hell out of the good ones.

13 thoughts on “It’s just one of those days.

  1. Yes!! Motherhood is hard and we all have days like those. Just repeat “tomorrow is a new day.” That’s what I do haha but your children were so sweet when they saw you were upset.


  2. Sounds like one of those, when it rain it pours, days. Sorry to hear it was a rough one, but so sweet how your little ones took care of their mama.


  3. Yep I definitely have those days too. I also think it’s okay to cry. I cried the other night when the twins would not sleep. It’s hard but all worth it.


  4. Such a great lesson in empathy! “mama fails” happen to me almost every day. I love that you spoke about that it’s important to have your kids see that you’re only human and not this superhero (you probably really are, lol) great post mama!


  5. OMG mama I feel you! That was literally my day and I cried in front of my toddler at the final straw… her throwing a hair brush at my face. It happens and we are all human so I think it’s great that you showed emotions because it teaches them that it’s OK to cry.


  6. I have had quite a few of these days lately, and sometimes I just have to let out my emotions and cry, but it feels so good to get it out.


  7. Oh yes mama I have been there! These days are so hard & it feels like everything just sucks, but our babies do so much at making us feel better even when they’re part of the chaos. Hang in there!


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