Daniel and I really enjoy “staycations” all around Southern California. We’ve celebrated anniversaries in Laguna Beach, Escondido, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Hollywood, Malibu, etc. Our bestfriends enjoy exploring different places as well, and the four of us had an amazing time when we embarked on a trip to Oregon. We had the pleasure of touring Salem and Portland, as well as a few surrounding little towns.

One of the first adventures we had was just getting to LAX and boarding our plane. Daniel is a real stickler for being on time, so we arrived at the airport at 4 a.m. He was working very close to LAX at the time, and we were able to park our car there for the duration of our leave. Well, no one seemed to tell Daniel the airport opened at a certain time…. and 4 a.m. was not that time. We sat there for a couple hours waiting.

This was also Daniel’s first flight.

Though he had been on an airplane before, he was very young and had no recollection of it. So his first adult flight was on this day, with me. He was very nervous, and i’m so glad I was right there next to him for it. love this fact, and really cherish this experience together. He ended up really enjoying the flight, and I was pleased to watch his innocent joyfulness. It was one of those mental pictures that I will always have.

A little backstory on our best friends

I met Cedric when I was a hostess at Ruby’s. We became friends while working together, and shortly after, I bonded with his girlfriend Mel. Mel is my bestie, we already had so much in common, but once she became a mom, the bond became stronger. It’s almost like this perfect puzzle piece when looking at our friendship. Daniel and Cedric get along so well, and Mel and I are freakishly alike. That is something, I cannot stress enough, that doesn’t happen often. The four of us just fit, and so we really became close over the years. When they lived in California, we would spend time together at escape rooms, double dating, Disneyland trips, etc. Mel is also the one who provides my family with beautiful photographs we will have forever (Thanks Mel!) So, you can imagine our devastation when they decided to move to Nebraska. We were thrilled for them, as it was just the right thing for their family, but selfishly, we knew we would miss them dearly. We decided to reunite in Oregon and continue the adventure there! The trip to Oregon was that much better, experiencing it with our dear friends.

Everyone in Oregon is so nice.

I am completely serious about this statement. Everyone was friendly from the minute we landed, to the minute we left. They all said hello, with smiles on thier faces and were just so nice. We were upgraded on the car rental, and Mel and Ced had their room upgraded when there was an issue. Just so nice. We stayed at the Red Lion Inn and it was a great experience. I fully recommend it. There was also a cute restaurant inside, and breakfast was included. Not cereal and juice haha, actual breakfast! The staff was also very accommodating!

Salem is just the cutest place.

All the homes are cottage- like, has a small town feel, and yet still had lots to do. We enjoyed a meal at a place called Best Little Roadhouse, the burgers were amazing!

We explored a place called Minto- Brown Island Park our first day and had the sweetest moment.

The greenery was so vibrant, the trees were towering, and it just felt so nice taking in the simplicity of it all. The whole trip we took turns taking pictures of eachother, which was a nice treat, because Daniel and I rarely capture moments together.

The trip was very eventful but I’ll share a few more highlights rather than the whole thing start to finish.

We also visited Tillamook and Oceanside. As most people know, Tillamook is famous for their dairy products. Oceanside had the most breathtaking beach.

It was a cloudy and gloomy day, but it made the overall experience even more enchanting. The waves crashing somehow soothed me, and provided a calming feeling. It was the most relaxed I may have ever been. I would love to come back here someday with the kids.

Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site (Shown above)

Cape Lookout State Park

Boiler Bay State Park

The view overlooking the water was magnificent. It really does give you a great deal of perspective, taking in the simplicity of this place. I think the happiness in our faces says it all.

This photo below was of The Devil’s Punchbowl. Isn’t it amazing? We really thought so!

We enjoyed another great meal in Oceanside and then had drinks before we left! I loved the menu at the Blue Agate Cafe. The mermaid lover inside me was pretty thrilled.

These drinks were enjoyed at The Macadangdangs Reefside Bar overlooking the amazing ocean (shown and above) and were very tasty. I had the “Root Beer Float” which was made with whipped vodka, rootbeer, and cream (Yum!) The rest in the group had the “Maui Wowie,” the “Rum Punch” and “Nookie on the Beach!” All were equally amazing. Put this on your must see list for sure.

The most adventurous part of our trip was towards the end of it:


We walked seven miles to see ten waterfalls. I really wish I could transport the readers to Silver Falls because it’s really the only way to do it justice.

This was Daniel inside the cave behind the waterfall.

We saw exactly what we came there for on this day. One of the best events from this day was when Mel and I spotted a huge tree that had fallen over, and we decided to walk across it to get to the other side. So thrilling. One of the scariest moments, was when Ced slid down a muddy area and caught himself, just in time to avoid falling off the edge. That was terrifying. Some other interesting parts of this day were: Ced and I deciding to take a shortcut, we got lost, it grew dark, and it began to rain heavily, all the while we were still lost in the forest. It was still an amazing experience. It’s actually one of the most talked about parts of the trip haha. I cannot wait to go back and continue adventuring with our dear friends. You will absolutely not regret visiting Oregon.

-Gypsy at Heart

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